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Lost in Laos – The Directors Cut – (watch it here for free)

augustus 5, 2017 - Projects -

In 2012 Coen’s brother David went missing in Asia. After a series of bizarre videos from his brother, Coen decides to go to Asia himself and look for him.
This film was shot over the course of five weeks by filmmakers Jonathan Kray and Vincent Lodder, as an filmic experiment. Armed with only the film-equipment they could carry, no set travel plans and a rough story outline, they asked themselves the following question:
Can we shoot a film while traveling and can our experiences and surroundings inspire us to develop the story in the moment?
The answer was yes.

Supported in their post-production by the Dutch Filmfund, Redline post production and musician Eddy Koopman, they delivered Lost in Laos as a 71 minute feature film in 2015. Now in 2017, as a final act of their experiment they decided to cut this film back even more to 45 minutes and go back to the raw essence of what they felt when they shot it.